Aircraft Maintenance Technician

This program prepares students for employment as an aircraft mechanic.  Students who complete the Airframe and/or Powerplant Technician Program(s) are eligible to take the Federal Aviation Administration written and the oral examinations to become a certified Airframe or Powerplant Technician.  Secondary students may complete the second program as post-secondary students.  The school is certified by the FAA under Certificate #CT9T072R.

General: The General curriculum is a one-year prerequisite for both the Airframe Technician and/or Powerplant Technician Programs.

Airframe: The Airframe Technician Program is a two-year program consisting of an in-depth study of aircraft structures and systems.

Powerplant: The Powerplant Technician Program is a two-year program consisting of an in-depth study of powerplant theory and maintenance of aircraft engine operations and systems.

Target Group: 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Students

Credit: Nine Elective Credits (three-year program)

Requirements: 2.0 GPA, ability to complete career-level coursework and superior attendance, conduct, and effort (State Statute 1007.271).

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    Course  Curriculum


    • Math
    • Weight and Balance
    • Materials and Processes
    • Aircraft Drawing
    • Ground Handling
    • Basic Electricity
    • Physics
    • Maintenance Forms and Records
    • Maintenance Publications
    • Mechanics, Privileges, and Limitations
    • Nondestructive Testing
    • Hand Tools
    • Fluid Lines and Fittings
    • Employability Skills Corrosion Control


    • Flight Theory
    • Assembly and Rigging
    • Wood Structures
    • Aircraft Covering
    • Aircraft Finishes
    • Aircraft Inspection
    • Sheetmetal
    • Composites
    • Welding
    • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
    • Landing Gear
    • Communication and Navigation
    • Fire Protection
    • Fuel Systems
    • Instrument Systems
    • Airframe Electrical
    • Position and Warning
    • Cabin Atmosphere
    • Ice and Rain Removal


    • Reciprocating Engine Theory
    • Reciprocating Engine Overhaul
    • Turbine Engine Theory
    • Turbine Engine Overhaul
    • Engine Removal and Installation
    • Engine Operation, Troubleshooting, and Repair
    • Engine Inspection
    • Ignition Systems
    • Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems
    • Lubrication Systems
    • Engine Electrical and Starting Systems
    • Engine Instrument Systems
    • Propellers
    • Engine Induction Systems
    • Engine Exhaust and Reverser Systems
    • Fire Protection