George T. Baker Aviation Technical College is located at 3275 N.W. 42 Avenue, adjacent to the Miami International Airport. The school is a public, tax-supported institution authorized by the Florida Department of Education and operated by the Miami-Dade County Public School System. It is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training (NCATT) and is certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 147 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Certificate # CT9T072R.

George T. Baker Aviation Technical College is currently preparing approximately 1,000 high school and adult students for careers in aviation.  For high school students, we offer instruction in aerospace technology, electronics, avionics and aircraft maintenance (airframe and powerplant).  For adult students, we offer instruction in electronics, avionics, and aircraft maintenance (airframe and powerplant).  Both high school and adult students, upon completion of their respective course of study, may receive certificates issued from the NCATT, FCC, and FAA.  We are only one of two schools in Florida to be accredited by the NCATT and the only school in the country to offer NCATT accredited courses to high school students.

George T. Baker Aviation Technical College employs FAA, NCATT, and FCC licensed technicians with extensive aviation backgrounds who are certified for teaching by the State of Florida. Baker Aviation only employs certified FAA test examiners who administer oral, practical and written examinations on-site. Additionally, Baker Aviation articulates locally and nationally with colleges and universities offering a degree in aviation-related areas.

The aviation program was started in 1939 at Miami Senior High School. In 1942 the program moved into the unfinished Roosevelt Hotel.  In 1943 the building became known as the Technical High School and several other programs moved into the facility. In 1947 the building was renamed the Lindsey Hopkins Education Center. Classes were held there until 1958 when the aviation program moved into its present quarters adjacent to Miami International Airport. In 1961 the building was dedicated as George T. Baker Aviation Maintenance Technician School to honor Mr. Baker who, until his death, had been president of National Airlines, and had donated the land to the School Board of Miami-Dade County.

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