Maintenance Controller 

Sky Lease Cargo

Job Description:

  • Serve as the liaison between Maintenance and the other operating departments.
  • Serve as the point of contact and as the approval authority for all Deferred Maintenance Items (DMI) being issued ensuring that all required steps have been taken in accordance with the established procedures.
  • Ensure that DMl’s are only issued when all other resources are exhausted.
  • Responsible for all line maintenance activities related to aircraft airworthiness.


  • Advise the Director of Maintenance, the Director of Quality Control, the Maintenance Manager and System Operations of any maintenance problem that has airworthiness implications and/or involves flight delays or
  • Ensure that no Company aircraft are dispatched on a flight that may exceed any inspection due time in accordance with the Operations Specifications.
  • Review all logbook entries submitted by line stations and direct the best course of action for troubleshooting and return of the aircraft to an airworthy status.

  • Assist line maintenance personnel via telephone/Email during the troubleshooting.

  • Evaluate troubleshooting reports for logical sequence of events and timely completion of corrective actions.
  • Review all requirements for Tech Data to ensure that the Matrix Manual has been consulted to determine the modification status of the system being worked and the proper manual references are utilized.
  • Determine if any maintenance activities qualify as Rll and, if so, inform the station of this matter.
  • Maintain the Maintenance Control turnover log for all work in progress, action taken, instructions given, information received, and details of any special work projects. (FAR 121.369(b).
  • Coordinate with the oncoming Mx Controller and discuss the status of each aircraft as recorded in the turnover log.
  • When incidents occur, ensure that proper forms are completed. (MIS).
  • Supply an DMI Management Report (Form KYE 1369) to the Director of QC and to Operations on a daily basis.
  • Complete a written Daily Workload form (KYE 7147) to each station performing maintenance to include DMI and scheduled inspections and checks and transmit to the station. Discuss work requirements with station personnel.
  • When the Daily Workload form is faxed back from the station, review it for completion of all assigned work.
  • Review all faxed copies of the aircraft logbook pages for proper entries IAW the GMM procedures. Ensure no pages are missing from the Maintenance Control copies. Issue a maintenance release number after being satisfied that there are no open items and that the logbook has been properly completed IAW GMM procedures.
  • Ensure information in the DMI data base is current and accurate.
  • Ensure DMI troubleshooting is accomplished in a timely manner and that all maintenance troubleshooting actions are documented in the Aircraft Maintenance Logbook, whether it corrected the problem or not.
  • Monitor log reports for repeater items and coordinate with Quality Assurance for timely correction.
  • Maintain a Purchase order (P.O.) log.
  • Ensure that all manuals being consulted have been checked against the current List of Manual Revisions.
  • Consult the list of Contractors/On-Call personnel to determine mechanic qualifications.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Maintenance Manager.
  • SMS accountabilities and responsibilities as specified in SMS Manual Chapter 2, Section 2.2 Subpart E
  • Initiate the KYE 5004 Special Flight Permit IAW Chapter 18, when the possible need for a Maintenance Ferry has been identified.
  • Initiate a SRA in WBAT for all Maintenance Ferry Flights.



  • Hold a valid FAA Mechanic’s Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings. FAR 121.378
  • To the extent of the responsibility of the position, meet the requirements of FAR 119.65(d)
  • Hold Company Airworthiness Release Authority for at least one of the aircraft types operated.
  • Successfully completed the Maintenance Controller’s training course, or the OJT equivalent, described in the Maintenance Training Manual Chapter 2.
  • The Maintenance Controller is responsible for overseeing the normal daily operations of the Maintenance Department to ensure the aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition.
  • The authority of the Maintenance Controller is derived from the Maintenance Manager and the Director of Maintenance.


    •  Health insurance
    • Paid time off
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Life insurance


Sue Marie Miranda

(305) 871-0130 Ext. 1417