Quality Control Inspector

Silver Airways

Job Description:

  • Directed by and has responsibility to the Director of Quality Control for inspection procedures, techniques and methods used in maintaining Silver Airways aircraft. The company maintains and updates required skills for inspection personnel through its pay policy system. This position has designated / delegated safety risk acceptance authority and requires the
    applicable level of initial and recurring SMS training

Duties/Responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Ensure that all necessary paperwork and log entries during his shift are completed
  • Performs the delegated duties of the Director of Quality Control or Lead Inspector, to ensure all work performed during his shift is airworthy
  • Examines assigned Aircraft Flight Log Books and work forms prior to conducting
  • inspection to establish the work to be accomplished
  • Reviews the applicable aircraft flight log to ascertain that maintenance has been properly cleared and completed
  • Conducts inspections on aircraft and related systems
  • Items affecting airworthiness or deemed necessary to reinspect, will be designated and re-inspected to ascertain that the work performed by maintenance has been accomplished in accordance with accepted practices and quality standards
  • Ensures that all items listed within the applicable aircraft flight logs and appropriate work forms have been properly signed for by Maintenance Personnel and Inspection Personnel
    prior to releasing an aircraft for passenger service
  • Responsible for the legibility, correctness and completeness of applicable aircraft flight log entries and applicable work forms in accordance with procedures established by the
  • Reports to Lead Inspector or Director of Quality Control all matters adversely affecting the airworthiness of flight equipment
  • Inspectors are to assist in the, “On the Job” practical training of mechanics on maintenance task.



  • Must possess current FAA mechanic certificate with both Airframe and Powerplant ratings
  • Six (6) months minimum experience in Silver Airways Technical Operations Department or at least one (1) year similar experience outside Silver Airways in an FAR 121 operation
  • Maintained currency in all MM-01 and departmental requirements related to training and certifications supporting effective competency skills.



Silvana Gomez